Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funniest and wittiest beggars!!

The beggar is the only person in the universe not obliged to study appearance.
                                                                                          Don Herold

You wont agree with whats written above once you go through this post where we feature the most dexterous beggars,you will be charmed by these beggars rather than feeling sorry for them,well check out for yourself....

Tough to argue with that.....

Is this BUSH?????

Reminds me of my grandpa : p

Sure looks happy for a man who lost his wife


Loose change surely would'nt satisfy him....


Thats the kind of guy your mom advised not to date.....

Left me speechless


Its money honey!!!!

Poor guy :)

Why outsource now??


Geeky beggar!!!!


Honesty is best policy?????

I betcha you wouldn't wanna try that!!!


Now this guy i genuinely feel sorry for...


If he is still hiring,i will join...



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  1. the html coding one for food, kind of broke my heart


  2. You are one treasure box of comedy :)

  3. Great one? you can't hit me with loose change...LOL

  4. Wonder why all the Beggars were holding Brown Cardboards ?

  5. Cheques no longer accepted from following people :) ROFL...

  6. LOL These are really really more innovative then the ones I meet on traffic lights. When I offered to buy medicine to an old woman (MG Road, Pune) - (instead of giving her the money for it) she gave me an angry lecture on being suspicious.

  7. bEAUTIFULLY collected and displayed... this just hit me with humour and it is kind of dark to see humour in poverty... yet it is nice...