Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know you Work for the Government if…

Yeah we have heard about the job security crap before,but hey i bet you if you work for the government then

…You get really excited about a 2% pay raise. 

…Your biggest loss from a system crash is you lose your best jokes.

…Your supervisor doesn’t have the ability to do your job.

…You sit in a cubicle smaller than your bedroom closet.

…It no longer amazes you that computer security is more important than having computers.

…Your office computer was just upgraded to a 400 MHz Pentium.

…Your office's computer specialists know less about computers than your teenager.

…Lunch is like another scheduled meeting, only longer.

…You and your co-equals always consume the free food left over from VIP meetings.

…You’re forced to park your car a mile from the office because of all the commanders, military, customers,
designated contractors, VIPs, Employees of the Month/Quarter/Year and visitor parking spaces near the main entrance.

…There is never enough time to do your job, but always enough time to prepare a briefing on doing your job.

…Although you have a telephone, pager, email, fax, company distribution, Fed-Ex sitting beside you with nothing but a partition between you, communication is a continuing problem.

…You know, and everyone that works with you knows, your performance is Superior but “Satisfactory” is the highest level on the documented performance rating.

…Training is something spoken about but never seen.

…The Organizational Chart changes every few years but the responsibilities and results never do.

…You can name more Government employees that used to work with you than work with you now.

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  1. haha..have you ever worked in a government office? looks like you have put down all the points fro experience :P

  2. hahaha..

  3. I made a habit of daily visiting this blog... and it's worth it every time. I'm a daily visitor from the beginning, actually, and am glad to see that the blog became more popular in past few months.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. ROFL.. Great points you made there. Still laughing out loud messa!

  5. Have you ever visited a government office? Who are you talking about? A Clerk. Visit a government office sometime and research about the facilities given to officers. I bet you would wanna join a government job.

  6. Well, your post was funny. But, it is clear that you haven't visited any government office recently. Government offices are undergoing a sea change. And in each of these offices, there are guys who do more work than all others combined together. How do you think the government is running then? Also, job security is important. It was quite evident recently when people were kicked out of private jobs and many of them tried in vain to get into government sector.

    By the way, thanks for voting for my post.