Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't tell me words don't matter

What fun it is to wake up in the morning and  enjoy the newspaper along with a hot cuppa coffee.... Well these news headlines did make some NEWS.....

                                              What would we do without our MOTHERS!!!


                                               Sorry seems to be the hardest word  : p

                                                Thinking about an anniversary dinner???????????


                                                             I though he didn't have any :)

                                                   Counting on the experts...........

                                               Lets hope he does not overcharge himself

                                                    You morons but my husband divorced me!!!

                                                           Ahhh the World cup is over!!!!

                                                   And you think you are unlucky!!!!!!!

                                                        Once a Canadian always a Canadian

                                                     But where is my favorite cartoon!!!

                                                Jeez!!! but all I've got is a pair of pen-knives

                                                                Errr!!! No this is 91........2

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  1. Excellent blog. Dear blogger, thank you for promoting and voting my post in Indiblogger. You blog is awsome...nice.....good work, keep in touch

  2. hehe..damn hilarious newspaper clips...
    I especially liked the Divorce one..poor sucker...

  3. Reminded of the tonight show which had a slot for funny headlines, thoroughly enjoyed it :D

  4. LOL @ the attorney who sued himself!

  5. Nice work witty.... u r an awesome blogger.....

  6. hmmm...this seems to be quite a hard work :)
    and good observations to justify the title.
    On the witty side, I shall add a small detail to the first picture - It is good to observe the softer part of the mother but missed the cigarette in hand. We 'll definitely be nothing with them too, one day :P

  7. ha ha
    totally enjoyed em!
    Thanx for sharing :D

  8. Just stumbled across your blog…what an amazing experience for you and a great idea for a blog! I will surely be keeping up with all your adventures! Take care, have fun and be safe!!

  9. This is hilarious especially the mother who is concerned about jackhammers but is smoking lol!!