Friday, July 2, 2010

A new beginning

This blog was conceived six months ago merely on a whimsical fantasy and it has been a magnificent voyage so far, the inspiration behind this blog was to be an elite destination for the most amusing, witty, sarcastic, hilarious and thought provoking pieces from the web exclusively handpicked to bring a smile on your face and I hope it did elicit a few smiles.

Now we have decided to take this a step further and want to feature on our blog, seasoned or budding bloggers who can arouse up emotions, mend a broken heart, brighten up a lousy day, invigorate an exhausted psyche, satisfy a perfectionist, comfort the inconsolable, stir up a controversy, inspire new ideas, challenge old myths, cross the threshold, change a stubborn opinion, cause an adrenalin rush, fire up imagination, ease the pain, tingle the senses, offer a reason to dream, be heard across borders, weave magic with words, bring a change in perceptions, be a guiding light, stand the test of time, elicit quite laughter ,fabricate a fairytale, persuade to reflect, arouse curiosity, astonish the ignorant, initiate a stampede or simply spread smiles, we assure you exposure to the most diverse audience possible thanks to the immense number of visitors which we have started getting lately. We hope that this strikes a chord with writers who hope to spread smiles the way we do.

If you are even remotely interested in this initiative, then for finer points visit this page on our blog, the link is also provided at the beginning under the name “feature your posts”.

Do provide us with feedback with your comments about this new initiative.


  1. interesting...will think about it :)

  2. Hey i have been a regular reader of your blog and thrilled to know that you are expanding horizons........looking forward to the featured posts

  3. Hey i think that's a great idea,but i mainly write soulful poetry,will it be suitable for you humor blog????/

  4. @Lazy pineapple-Hey i am really fond of your blog and looking forward to hear from you.

    @illusion-Thank you and stay tunes :)

    @wats in a name-we are broadening horizons and the only prerequisite is that your post must have a global appeal,so just mail us some stuff :)

  5. I remember posting a comment, but i think it got lost in bad internet issues that day.

    Id said something along the lines of wats in a name, because of my sour mood writing... but ill think about it all, and get back if I feel I can do it and fit, that is ofcourse, if u feel my style wont be too dampening to this places general happy vibe...

    Ill be in touch... :)